Project ReCycle

Linking Youth with Opportunities

Project ReCycle is an 8-10 week program where young people learn the skills required to rebuild a bike in small groups with the support of a mentor. Its more than learning skills, its about making strong foundations for life.

Programs are run both in schools and in local community settings targeting young people aged 10-14 years. Young people can be referred to the program by schools, teachers, youth centre's, PCYC's and other service providers. Stripping down and rebuilding a bike teaches skills, and enables young people to more effectively work through life's challenges.

Project Recycle aims to

  • Connect at risk young people in the community with a targeted small group program designed to build resilience, self confidence, and problem solving skills
  • Build positive engagement opportunities for young people
  • Develop skills around rebuilding bikes and bike mechanics
  • Provide meaningful mentor opportunities leading to lifelong relationships
  • Give young people a chance to help someone else who is also in need


"I came to learn about bikes because I wasn't very happy at school. The other kids would say things to me and I would usually end up getting into fights and trouble so I didn't like going to school. When I came to the bike workshops, I met other kids who felt the same as me and it was nice to know I wasn't alone."
- Amy, 11 (pseudonym)

Aaron completed Project ReCycle in the school program during 2015 and is returning as a buddy in the upcoming program. When asked what did he like most, Aaron’s response “Project ReCycle helps kids build bikes and learn how to put them together. Everyone else wants to learn it now too”. It’s so much more…. By partnering with a buddy on the program, Aaron had a chance to help someone else build their bike, and through this become a real leader in the group.
- Program coordinator

Project ReCycle required students to commit to seeing a plan through resulting in greater resilience, more regular school attendance and improved behavior from students in the program. The program leader’s ability to connect with students contributed significantly to these outcomes.
- Deputy Principal

Current Programs

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