About Us

Our Vision

To Enable Social Impact, Make A Difference, Change Lives.

To support, educate and empower, those in need, to make a difference in their lives and have a meaningful, lasting social impact.

hope2day is a registered charity, Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) established to provide support and bring hope to people in need. We align ideas, resources and supporters with individuals, families and communities and partner with others to find meaningful solutions and leave an enduring social impact.

Our Mission

hope2day exists to support people in need and believes that every person has the right to expect community support during their time of need. Our mission is to carry out activities to provide support to children and others in need, including:

  • indigenous people
  • those suffering from or at risk of, chronic diseases
  • the elderly
  • people with a disability
  • people experiencing poverty or homelessness, and;
  • the socially or financially disadvantaged.

hope2day responds to unmet needs and complements existing services through a collaborative approach. With a particular focus on innovation, hope2day takes an evidence-based approach to integrating demonstrated models into the broader service system. We provide support with the purpose to:

  • alleviate poverty
  • improve health outcomes
  • build social capital, and;
  • support the development and operation of the social service and health promotion sectors.

hope2day brings together individuals and organisations passionate about social impact and provides a framework for them to make a difference. We believe we have a role to provide opportunities for peoples stories to be told in an appropriate way preserving the dignity of the person in need to enable the community to understand and choose to respond generously. We value every supporter and are dedicated to transparency and accountability; so that individuals and companies know exactly how their benevolence is making a difference.

Our Reports

View our annual report here.